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Conservation of Cultural Property in India:

A Cumulated Index - Volume I, 1966 -XXXI, 1998

 -Dr. R. S Singh* and Vajendra Joshi


 An index to articles published in the journal-Conservation of Cultural Property in India, published by Indian Association for Study of Conservation of Cultural Property, New Delhi, India. This is a cumulated title alphabetical index up dated to Volume No XXXI, 1998.


 Indian Association for Study of Conservation of Cultural Property, IASC was founded in the year 1966 as a spin off of the UNESCO's Regional Seminar at New Delhi, in the same year. Formation of such a specialized professional Association gave a big boost to the conservation research activity in the country.

 The Association provided a National forum for the conservators practicing in isolation to come together, and share their experience among the peers and also to seek answers to their problems and keep the professionals informed of the difficulties is carrying out their work. The forum took the responsibility of information dissemination about the new developments in the area of conservation. Further it set the future goals. It shared concerns of the professionals in conserving the cultural property for the posterity.

 Indian Association for Study of Conservation of Cultural Property has selected several channels to achieve its above said objectives. Seminars, annual meetings, conferences and workshops, were some of the channels to mention. But these media had there own limitation such as limited participation and limited time and problem of crystallization of thoughts from the spoken words and their assimilation. To over come these limitations, the IASC, rightly took a step at the outset, to bring out the proceedings in a concrete written form within its means. The result was memo-graphic proceedings forerunner of the Journal of Conservation of Cultural Property in India and it was so till 1972 and further published in printed form till 1984. This mouth organ of the Association took a new and positive turn, when the decision was taken to de-link Annual Seminar proceeding from the journal itself. Thus a conservation journal of international recognition was emerged from India, by way of receiving scholarly contribution from with in and abroad. This has opened up new vistas in the area of conservation, research and motivated conservators to progress and reach new heights.

 During the past thirty three years of IASC existence, the journal could not hit the shelves only during the years-1971-72 and like any other scholarly associations, some times it has failed to bring the volumes on time but never failed in continuity of the Volumes. In all, 31 volumes dating up to 1998 were published till date, and further volumes are in pipeline.

 In 2000, Volumes I-V (1966-70) are also reprinted by Agam Kala Prakashan, Delhi as- Conservation of Cultural Property in India: Prof. G N Pant Commemoration Volume and edited by Bist, A.S.; Bhatnagar, I. K.; Singh, S. P. This was an effort to make rare contributions readily available to researchers.

 Title index

 Realizing the importance of this mine of information on Conservation work in India, Mr. A S Bisht provided the desired bibliographic control by publishing the Index of the 23 Volumes of the Journal covering the year up to 1990. To continue the effort, a cumulated index covering up to volume 31, 1998 is compiled now.

 This title index is arranged on the pattern of Art and Archaeology Technical Abstracts (AATA), but not strictly. This is because of the limitations of AATA. It is evident that AATA is not exclusively conservators tool of reference. Keeping this in view, certain modifications are made in this present index.

 This Compilation of 529 research articles is grouped in significant categories and sub-categories and arranged in Title alphabetical order and then in author alphabetical order. The grouping is artificial and only for convenience of search. The number of articles indexed does not demand rigorous classification. The limitation of printed Index lies in its limited access points. So, only significant element in the article is considered for classifying the index. The other limitation is, lack of access to the original source due to its sparse availability and thus dependence on secondary sources. This some times does not yield required precision and accuracy of the information in spite of dedicated effort. If one can compromise and try to appreciate this effort, one will find desired information for ones study, research and practice, within no time.

 Structure of Index

General Conservation

Examination/ documentation

Conservation Education Practices and Training

Analysis, Treatment and Technques of Conservation

Chemical Conservation

Inorganic Material




Organic Material


Anthropological/ Ethnological


Paper/ photographic material

Archival Material

Composite Material




Mural painting

Paper- painting

Textiles- Paintings

Wood/ Polychrome



National Institute of Science Technology and Development Studies, Dr. K. S. Krishnan Marg, New Delhi -110 012  

General Conservation

Abstracts of Conservation articles published in Museum, A Quarterly Review

V.7; 1974, p.77-87

Agrawal, Usha

Air Pollution Induced Damage to Building Materials

V.29; 1996, p.88-104

Aslam, M

Air Pollution: Its Effect on Museum Objects

V.27; 1994, p.35-41

Gupta, C B; Bhatnagar, I K

Application of the Literature in the Regional Languages with Specific Reference to Gujarat State

V.16-17; 1983-84, p.155

Shastri, N H

Application of X-ray Diffraction Analysis in the Study of Museum Objects

V.7; 1974, p.43-46

Subbaraman, S

Articles on Conservation in the Journal of Indian Museums (vol.1-XXVIII)

V.6; 1973, p.88-91

Agrawal, Usha

Authentication of Art objects at the time of Acquisition or Return from abroad: A Problem

V.24; 1991, p.3-7

Bisht, A S

Biological Growth on Archaeological Monuments: It's Effects on Animal Life

V.13; 1980, p.26-28

Mathur, M S

Challenges in Conservation of Archaeological Monuments and Sites

V.29; 1996, p.1-7

Sharma, R K

Challenges in Conservation of Monuments of Rajasthan

V.29; 1996, p.109-114

Hotchand; Sharma, O P

Challenges of Site Management in the Changed Environment in and Around Red Fort, Delhi

V.29; 1996, p.124-128

Veeraraghvan, R; Ved Prakash; Gupta, H K

Changing Environment and Indian Movement

V.18-20; 1985-87, p.90-97

Singh, S P

Characteristics of Accretionary Deposits on Stone Surface Structure Due to Change in Environmental Scenario Around the Monuments

V.27; 1994, p.1-11

Sharma, R K; Gupta, H O; Veeraraghavan, R

Classical Indian Concept of Environmental Protection and Art Preservation

V.27; 1994, p.58-61

Jha, Sanjay Kumar; Burdhan, Anand

Commitment to Conservation: The Second Silver Jubilee Lecture

V.26; 1993, p.115-121

Harinarayana, N

Conservation and Museum Activities in Malaysia

V.14-15; 1981-82, p.157-159

Baba Mat Nasir Bin

Conservation and Restoration of Cultural objects in GDR

V.14-15; 1981-82, p.146-150

Singh, S P

Conservation Department of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London

V.25; 1992, p.56-57

Singh, V N

Conservation in India: Attainments and Challenges

V.24; 1991, p.116-126

Agrawal, O P,

Conservation in South and South-East Asia

V.6; 1973, p.25-32

Agrawal, O P

Conservation of Cultural objects in Museums

V.14-15; 1981-82, p.51-61

Baxi, Smita J

Conservation of Cultural Properties in Kerala: Traditional Methods

V.22; 1989, p.87-90

Satyamurthy, T

Conservation of Cultural Property in India: An Overview

V.27; 1994, p.166-172

Senapati, S K

Conservation of Cultural Property in Thailand

V.8; 1975, p.33-34

Janposri, Kulpantha

Conservation of Excavated Archaeological Site of Agroha in Hariyana

V.29; 1996, p.193-198

Mishra, Phanikanta

Conservation of Hamid Manzil, Raza Library, Rampur

V.30; 1997, p.170-174

Bhatia, Chander

Conservation of Historical Monuments of Hue-Vietnam

V.21; 1988, p.87-89

Binh, Troung Ouoc

Conservation of Lord Jagannath Temple

V.21; 1988, p.30-34

Dikshit, K N

Conservation of Monuments and Sites in India: A Race Against Time

V.29; 1996, p.170-178

Kumar, V Anuradha; Kumar, Rakesh

Conservation of Nature: A Moral Imperative

V.16-17; 1983-84, p.106-109

Lalitha, V

Conservation of Temple "Ratna": Problems and Suggestions

V.18-20; 1985-87, p.102-104

Bhatnagar, I K

Conservation of Temple objects in Nityakalyanaswamy Temple, Tamil Nadu: A Case Study

V.31; 1998, p.17-22

Bahadur, A K

Conservation of the Small Buddha at Bamiyan

V.8; 1975, p.9-12

Sengupta, R

Conservation Practices in Ancient India

V.28; 1995, p.36-44

Gupta, C B; Haider, S H

Conservation Problems of Living Temples in Cold Regions

V.29; 1996, p.8-14

Gupta, H O;  Tewari, S K; Kanotra, Y K; Sharma, R K

Control of Rat Menace in Libraries, Manuscript Repositories and Archives

V.5; 1970, p.25-28

Ranbir Kishore; Mehra, C P

Control of the Silent Destroyer

V.28; 1995, p.149-152

Rao, Anil S

Defacing Heritage as a Consequence of Dry Deposition: A Perpetual Problem

V.29; 1996, p.150-157

Sharma, R K; Gupta, H O; Saxena, Kalpana

Dermestid Beetles: A Threat to Museum Collections in India

V.4; 1969, p.29-31

Nair, S M

Destructive and Non-Destructive Methods of Analysis

V.11; 1978, p.54

Lal, Avinashi

Difficulties Found in Collecting and Conserving Cultural Materials Manuscripts

V.12; 1973, p.54-58

Moti Lal

Ecosystem and Fungal Growth

V.22; 1989, p.96-103

Pathak, Nimisha; Dhawan, Shashi


V.24; 1991, p.1-2

Harinarayana, N

Environmental Assessment of a Thermal Power Station in Rajasthan

V.25; 1992, p.3-5


Environmental Ethics: Linkages with Community and Heritage

V.27; 1994, p.26-34

Bisht, A S

Environmental Management at Matura Refinery

V.27; 1994, p.12-25

Saini, S S ; Verma, I V

Environments and It's Effect: Threat to Taj and Its Environs

V.12; 1979, p.13-16

Rao, T Shivaji

Eradication of Bats from Cave Temple without Killing them

V.4; 1969, p.52-54

Sharma, B R N; Gupta, U

Ethics in Conservation: Problems and Prospects

V.23; 1990, p.17-22

Bisht, A S

Etymological Interpretation of Culture vis--vis Environmental Factors: A Pragmatic Approach

V.27; 1994, p.45-55

Prodhan, Dinesh Ratna

Evaluation of Proto Type for Protective Lighting Systems for the Illumination of Cave Paintings

V.27; 1994, p.74-80

Sharma, R K; Rao, V S Raghavendra; Khare, V P; Misra, Srikant

Feasibility and Economics of Emulating Latest Techniques Employed in Advanced Countries for Preservation of Monuments in India

V.14-15; 1981-82, p.31-34

Sharma, B R N

Formulating Policy for Accepting Art objects for Restoration

V.23; 1990, p.23-25

Ghose, Arun

Geochronology of Purana Quila, New Delhi

V.6; 1973, p.49-59

Lal, S B

Growth of Fungi on Parvi (A Musical Instrument): Study and Treatment

V.24; 1991, p.101-102

Shah, R P; Arya, Arun; Shah, N R

Hazards to Scientists Working in Archaeological Conservation Laboratory

V.10; 1977, p.47-51

Mathur, M S

History and Conservation of Inlay Work (Pietra-Dura)

V.31; 1998, p.171-?

Bhatia, Chandur

Ideas in Restoration

V.13; 1980, p.49

Seth, Vinod

Indian Conservation Movement: Some Observations

V.6; 1973, p.3-6

Morely, Grace

Insect Factor in Deterioration of Wooden Cultural Property

V.18-20; 1985-87, p.62-70

Shaheen, Fauzia

Investigative Studies on Stucco Plaster Mouldings of Darbar Hall: Raza Library, Rampur

V.27; 1994, p.137-141

Nigam, Ramji; Saxena, Vimal K; Sharma, R K

Lesson to Learn from Sri Lanka

V.28; 1995, p.60-64

Agrawal, O P

Maintenance and Preservation of Monuments in Ladakh

V.29; 1996, p.164-169

Fonia, R S

Menace of Bats to Cultural Heritage Monuments with Special Reference to Cave No. 10, Ellora: A Case Study

V.29; 1996, p.72-76

Mangiraj, V R; Rao, V S Raghvendra; Goud, B Busa

Mining Effects on Existing Structure: A Case Study of Zanana Rauza at Fatehpur Sikri

V.18-20; 1985-87, p.57-58

Bhatia, Chandur

Overview of Problems of Biodeterioration of Cultural Property in Asia

V.27; 1994, p.90-107

Agrawal, O P

Paryavaran, Paryatak aur Hamare Prachin Smarak: Hindi

V.27; 1994, p.81-89

Sharma, Brijraj Nandan

Philippines and Its National Museum

V.14-15; 1981-82, p.151-154

Alvarez, Mauro T

Planning a Small-Budget Museum Laboratory-cum-Workshop

V.14-15; 1981-82, p.131-132

Ghose, Arun

Planning of Water Resources in the Conservation Project of Thanjavur Moats

V.27; 1994, p.114-116

Deivanayagam, G

Plea for the Preservation of the Environment of Ancient Monuments

V.6; 1973, p.46-48

Dikshit, K N

PMC Grouts for Structural Strengthening of Ashlar Masonary Structures

V.29; 1996, p.28-38

Sharma, R K; Maiti, S

Preservation of Ashokan Pillars in Bihar

V.24; 1991, p.79-81

Upadhyay, M K

Preservation of Temples and Sculptures in Ancient Tamil Nadu

V.24; 1991, p.75-78

Kasinathan, Natana

Preservation Problems of Archaeological Remains at Hadda, Afghanistan

V.7; 1974, p.7-15

Lal, B B

Problems and Methodology of Conservation of Angkor-Vat Temple, Siem Reap, Cambodia

V.29; 1996, p.77-87

Singh, R P; Bisht, R S; Gupta, M L

Problems of Conservation in Burma

V.5; 1970, p.9-14

Gairola, T R

Problems of Conservation of Cultural Property in India

V.6; 1973, p.15-24

Deshpande, M N

Project Restoration of Some Ancient Artifacts in the Government Museum and Art Gallery, Chandigarh: A Case Study

V.28; 1995, p.72-77

Bisht, A S

Protective Measures Against Fire Hazards: Safe Guarding Cultural Property

V.12; 1979, p.51-53

Ranbir Kishore; Razdan, B L

Qutub Minar: Its Foundation, Tilt and Various Means of Stabilization

V.26; 1993, p.103-109

Saxena, Somita; Singh, S P

Recent Developments Concerning the Preservation of the Shore Temple

V.7; 1974, p.30-37

Sengupta, R

Report on the Proposed Conservation of the National Art Gallery Building at Government Museum, Chennai

V.29; 1996, p.135-139

Jeyaraj, V

Restoration and Chemical Conservation of Begum-Zenat-Mahal's Personal Toilet Box: A Case Study

V.30; 1997, p.164-169

Ved Prakash; Gupta, H K; Raturi, Shilpa

Restoring the Excavated Sites: A Note on the Past-Excavation Histo-geogrphical Ethics

V.21; 1988, p.50-55

Seth, Vinod

Review of Work in Conservation in the National Archives of India

V.1; 1966, p.54-61

Gupta, R C

Role of Plants in the Environmental Protection of Monuments

V.29; 1996, p.179-189

Singh, S P; Mani, Mrinalini

Scope of Freeze-Dry Preservation Technique in Museum Objects

V.22; 1989, p.128-132

Gogate, V G

Some Aspects of Preservation Work

V.7; 1974, p.69-73

Kathpalia, Y P

Some Faulty Approaches and Preservation

V.7; 1974, p.32-37

Chatterjee, Neelmoney

Some Impression about the Conservation and Restoration Work in Hungary

V.16-17; 1983-84, p.169-170

Janaska, Peter K

Some Problems pertaining to Conservation of Cultural Property

V.9; 1976, p.60-62

Harinarayana, N

Some Thoughts on Introduction of Regular Conservation-Education Programme

V.16-17; 1983-84, p.127-128

Ghose, Arun

Some Unsolved Problems of Conservation

V.5; 1970, p.20-24

Agrawal, O P

Stitch in Time

V.16-17; 1983-84, p.84-86

Talwar, V

Storage and Display of Textiles Materials in Museums

V.14-15; 1981-82, p.115-124

Rao, J Venlata; Subramaniam, V

Synergic Human Factors in the Case of Agra Monuments: A Case Study

V.27; 1994, p.51-57

Sharma, R K; Gupta, H O; Tiwari, S K

Tambekarwada and Its State of Preservation

V.29; 1996, p.199-201

Shah, N R

Technique and Restoration of a Russian Icon

V.24; 1991, p.22-26

Gupta, K K

Twenty Five Years of the Indian Association for the Study of Conservation of Cultural Property

V.23; 1990, p.80-108

Bisht, A S

Ultra-violet Absorption of Coloured Glass Pieces

V.6; 1973, p.60-63

Talwar, V

UNESCO's Contribution to Conservation

V.7; 1974, p.16-27

Agrawal, O P

Use of Vacuum Hot table for Conservation

V.2; 1967, p.76-79

Nathu, K S

Examination/ documentation

Computerization of the Documentation Activities in Conservation Laboratories a Challenging Task

V.25; 1992, p.93-98

Senapati, Susanta Kumar

Documentation in a Conservation Laboratory through Computers: Problems and Prospects

V.23; 1990, p.63-77

Bisht, A S

Examination and Analysis of Wall Paintings: A Review of Techniques

V.22; 1989, p.142-154

Agrawal, O P; Tiwari, Rashmi

Examination of Metal Images from Phopnar Kala

V.9; 1976, p.57-59

Agrawal, O P; Sharma, V C

Examination of the Technique of Painting at Moghul Gateway Bairat, Rajasthan

V.21; 1988, p.73-79

Agrawal, O P; Yadav, Atul K; Tiwari, Rashmi

Examinations of Metal from Historic Indian Textiles in the National Museum, New Delhi Using Scanning Electron Microscope-Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometry

V.22; 1989, p.133-139

Indicator, Norman; Bisht, A S

Micro Chemical Analysis, Emission Spectrography and Metallographic Examination of Four Ancient Metal Samples

V.2; 1967, p.92-94

Tandon, B N

Problems in Scientific Examination of Metal objects

V.11; 1978, p.36-40

Harinarayana, N

Radiographic Documentation in the National Museum, New Delhi

V.29; 1996, p.222-230

Singh, S P; Nagta, P K; Gupta, K K

Science in the Examination and Conservation of Art objects

V.11; 1978, p.45-47


Scientific Documentation in Conservation of Monuments

V.31; 1998, p.141-147

Sharma, B R N; Mangiraj, V R; Trambake, R S

Scientific Examination and Conservation of the Sword of Tippu Sultan

V.24; 1991, p.14-17

Lal, U S; Joshi, G

Scientific Examination and Treatment of a Mughal Painting

V.22; 1989, p.72-73

Balakrishna, T; Nair, M V

Scientific Examination of Documents and other Materials

V.11; 1978, p.31-35

Sharma, S K

Scientific Examination of Documents, Works of Art, Monuments and other Cultural Property

V.11; 1978, p.21-28

Lal, B B

Scientific Examination of Kolanpak Wall Paintings

V.21; 1988, p.1-9

Gayathri, P

Some Special Methods for Examination of Organic Museum objects for Insect Attack

V.11; 1978, p.20-30

Nair, S M

Technical Examination of Two Dutch Sixteenth Century Hand Coloured Engravings

V.30; 1997, p.146-163

Tandon, Aparna

Conservation Education Practices and Training

Conservation Training: A Novel Approach for Systematic and Scientific Preservation of Antiquities in India

V.16-17; 1983-84, p.138-140

Datta, Piyush Kumar

Conservation Training: A Novel Approach for Systematic and Scientific Preservation of Antiquities in India

V.16-17; 1983-84, p.138-140

Mukhopadhyay, R K

Long-term Training Programme for Fresh Conservators: Aims and Advantages

V.16-17; 1983-84, p.134-137

Sharma, R K

Need for a Component of Art History in Conservation Training

V.16-17; 1983-84, p.148-150

Harinarayana, N

Science in Modern Archaeology Training

V.16-17; 1983-84, p.144-147

Singh, S P

Training in Conservation

V.16-17; 1983-84, p.141-143

Chaudhury, M Ray

Training in Conservation

V.16-17; 1983-84, p.115-123

Lal, B B

Training in Conservation of Art objects

V.16-17; 1983-84, p.151-154

Bhatnagar, I K

Training of Conservation Personnel for Archives and Museums Libraries

V.16-17; 1983-84, p.124-126

Singh, S N

Training of Conservation Personnel in India: A Need of the hour

V.16-17; 1983-84, p.129-133

Bisht, A S

Analysis, Treatment and Techniques of Conservation

 Chemical Conservation


V.16-17; 1983-84, p.90-94

Das, A C

Application of Cashew Nut Oil as Wood Preservative

V.23; 1990, p.28-29

Shah, A R

Chemical Treatment and Preservation of One Thousand Pillar Temple Hanamkonda-A.P.

V.1; 1966, p.47-53

Sharma, B R N

Chemical Treatment of Vishwanath Temple, Khajuraho

V.9; 1976, p.63-66

Jain, R K

Conservation of a Japanese Screen

V.5; 1970, p.47-51

Harinarayana, N

Conservation Problems of the Mummy Displayed in the Central Museum, Jaipur

V.16-17; 1983-84, p.184-187


Control of Termite

V.9; 1976, p.64

Poonam Chand

Danger of Using Commercial Washing Powder for Stone Cleaning

V.18-20; 1985-87, p.31-34

Pandey, A K; Singh, Manju

Disease Causing Household Pests and their Control

V.31; 1998, p.162-164

Bhiwania, Rakesh

Effect of a Few Commercial Insecticides on Durability and Permanency of Permalife Paper

V.4; 1969, p.19-22

Gupta, R C; Mehra, C P

Embedding Biological Specimens in Polyester Resin

V.8; 1975, p.22-26

Kharbanda, G

Evaluation of some common Fungicides Used for the Protection of Museum Materials

V.7; 1974, p.55-58

Nair, S M

Experiment on the Application of Artemisia Oil as Insecticide and Insect Repellent in the Museum

V.22; 1989, p.108-111

Dhanapati, Devi L

Fumigants for the Control of Anthrenus Vorax Water House: A Museum Pest

V.23; 1990, p.35-40

Shaheen, Fauzia; Dhawan, Shashi

Glue-Chalk Paste: Good Strong and Reversible Cementing Material for Joining various kinds of Broken objects

V.16-17; 1983-84, p.110-112

Prasad, Lalan Kumar

Identification of Natural Dyestuffs in old Textiles: Application of TLC-IR Techniques

V.14-15; 1981-82, p.68-73

Kharbade, B V; Agrawal, O P

Importance of Analysis in Chemical Conservation of Art objects

V.11; 1978, p.41-44

Bhatnagar, I K

Infra-red Identification of Inorganic Pigments using Specular Reflectance Technique

V.24; 1991, p.34-40

Kharbade, B V; Saxena, Nishi

Mechanism of the Solvent Lamination

V.3; 1968, p.3-6

Kathpalia, Y P

Multani Mitti as a Filling and Cementing Material in Conservation of Papermache object and Its Comparision with other Materials

V.25; 1992, p.112-116

Saxena, Somita

Naphthalene Fumigator

V.1; 1966, p.106-113

Ranbir Kishore; Bhatnagar, J L

New Sterilization Process and Standardization of Lethal Doses for Insects and their Eggs etc. by Vacuum Fumigation Chamber

V.18-20; 1985-87, p.86-89

Sarkar, N N

Non-chemical Methods in Library Management

V.28; 1995, p.22-29

Sarkar, N N

Notes on some Natural dyes used in India in the early 20th Century

V.3; 1968, p.7-9

Agrawal, O P

Notes on the Classification of Choice of Adhesives

V.16-17; 1983-84, p.18-24

Ghose, Arun

Notes on the Identification of Some Materials in Conservation

V.5; 1970, p.70-76

Mahurkar, Kamala

Organic Adhesives in India Art and Archaeology

V.16-17; 1983-84, p.98-105

Singh, S P

Particulate Matter in Air and Works of Art

V.10; 1977, p.57-60

Singh, S P

Performance of Thin Paste prepared with Sarcell M V (Sodium Salt of M.C.) for Repair with Tissue Paper

V.4; 1969, p.3-6

Razdan, B L

Pests and Pesticides in Archaeology and Archives

V.25; 1992, p.52-55

Sharma, B R N

Preservation of Blood Stains on Fabric

V.22; 1989, p.112-115

Sanyal, D K

Preservation of Natural History Specimens

V.8; 1975, p.5-8

Nair, S M

Restoration of a Mosaic Burmese Door

V.25; 1992, p.61-68

Kanotra, Y K; Sharma, R K

Restoration of Damaged Documents with Liquid "Ash-Free Analytical Filter Pulp"

V.9; 1976, p.28-33

Chatterjee, Neelmoney

Role of Adhesives in Microbial Deterioration of Materials

V.24; 1991, p.94-100

Agrawal, O P; Pathak, Nimisha

Sensitivity of Trogoderma halsteadi sp. Nov.(Coleoptera:Dermstidae) to Organochlorine, Carbonate and Organophosphate Compounds

V.28; 1995, p.106-112

Irfan, Mohd.

Stains: Some Physico-Chemical Aspects

V.3; 1968, p.15-18

Harinarayana, N

Study of Lithic Materials used in the Victoria Memorial Building

V.24; 1991, p.47-52

Agrawal, P K

Termite Infection: Record Depositions-Remedial Measures

V.2; 1967, p.37-47

Bhatnagar, J L; Ranbir Kishore

Thin Paste for Repair and Mending Use of Sarcell N V and Sarcell M V

V.3; 1968, p.32-37

Dass, Thakur; Ranbir Kishore

Treatment of Lime Stucco in Thailand

V.5; 1970, p.38-40

Songkhla, Arphorn N

Two Adhesive Mixtures suggested in Ancient Tamil Tradition for Stone Restoration

V.24; 1991, p.82-85

Deivanayagam, G

Use of "Glassine" Paper for Repair of Records

V.7; 1974, p.55-58

Mehra, C P

Use of Certain Nitro Arenes as UV Filters

V.18-20; 1985-87, p.59-61

Nair, M V

Use of Commercial Synthetic Adhesives in Conservation

V.5; 1970, p.112-118

Tandon, B N

Use of Ion Exchange Resin and Electro-vibro tool for Removal of Inscrustra

V.4; 1969, p.40-42

Talwar, M S

Use of Neem Oil in Conservation

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Organic Material


Bionomics and Control of Lepisma Saccharina (Thysanura)

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Damage Caused by Larvae of Anthrenus Flavipes Lec. (Vorax Waterh) on Woolen Fabrics

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Anthropological/ Ethnological

Conservation of Ethnographic Collections in Museums with special reference to Wooden Artifacts

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Archival Material

Application of Lessaigne's Test for the Identification of Cotton, Silk and Wool

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Conservation of a Wooden Plaque

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Conservation of Textile Exhibits

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Deacidification of Paper Documents

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Deciphering Faded, Disfigured and Stained Documents

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Deterioration of a Manuscript Volume : A Case Study

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Deterioration of Wooden objects and their Conservation and Preservation

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Environment and Preservation of Papers

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Four Wooden Polychromes of 19th Century: Their Scientific Study

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General Conservation Problems in Tagore's Art on Paper

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High Grade Paper for Records and other Printed Materials of Archival Interest

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Identification of Wood of Bhuta Figures of Crafts Museum, New Delhi

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Insect Pests of Wood and Toxicity of Deltamethrin, A Pyrethroid, on Termite

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Insect Pests of Wooden objects and Their Control

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Insects Pests of Textile Materials in Museums

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Investigational Approach in Paper Conservation

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Manuscripts in Rajasthan: Their Conservation Status

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Hotchand; Swami, Shashi Prabha

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Microbial Deterioration of Wooden Cultural Property

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Mounting of Weakened Textile

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New Approach to the Conservation of Daniells Prints

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New Method for Relaxing Brittle Palm-leaves

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Notes on Sanchipat Manuscripts of Eastern India

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Overview on the Consideration of Cleaning of Historic Textile

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Permanence in Paper

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Preservation and Conservation of Manuscripts

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Preservation of Manuscripts

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Preservation of Palm-leaf Manuscript

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Preservation of Palm-leaf Manuscripts

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V.7; 1974, p.62-65

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Preservation of Polychrome Art in Rajasthan

V.23; 1990, p.13-16


Preventive Conservation of Archival Materials: Some Rather Ignored but Vital Aspects

V.28; 1995, p.50-55

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Problems of Conservation of Manuscripts and Temple objects in Assam

V.31; 1998, p.23-32

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Protection of Documents from Photchemical Effects of Light

V.28; 1995, p.45-49

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Rehabilitation of a 17th Century Kadata

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Repair and Conservation of Birch-Bark Manuscripts

V.1; 1966, p.80-88

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Repair and Preservation of Water-Damaged Documents

V.12; 1979, p.43-47

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Repair and Restoration of Birch-Bark Manuscript

V.16-17; 1983-84, p.74-76

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Repair and Restoration of Parchment and Vellum Manuscripts

V.16-17; 1983-84, p.181-183

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Report on the Methods of Conservation of Manuscripts in Use in Europe

V.5; 1970, p.103-111

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Restoration and Preservation of Holy Quran

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Restoration of Documents in Hungary and the GDR

V.6; 1973, p.33-35

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Restoration of Flood Damaged Documents Experience at Florence

V.5; 1970, p.41-46

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