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CSIR-National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies, New Delhi is devoted to a study of various aspects of interaction among science, society and state and exploring continuously the interface between Science, Technology and Society. NISTADS is one of the 38 institutes/laboratories of the Government of India’s Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi.

Currently, the faculty comprises 15 members. This faculty is drawn from a variety of academic discipline. This intellectual diversity is the mainstay of the institute. Research students enrolled in the Institute obtain Ph.D. degree from different universities. NISTADS has a vibrant visiting scholars programme, under which researchers from India and abroad are encouraged to spend time at the Institute.


To act as both driver and toll for Socio-economic transformation at regional, national and

global scales with policy and decision support, S&T design and translation.


Creation of a techno-socio-economic platform to enable Sustainable Development Goals

through development and application of acceptable, relevant, and commercializable S&T

products through Policy Advocacy. Acting as a Think Tank, with Translational Research,

Inclusion of Proof of Concepts and Integration of Outreach.


1. Provide Policy Advocacy on Techno-socio-economic issues identified by CSIR/Govt.

2. Act as a Think Tank for Technology Foresight and S&T Design integrating socioeconomics

to create enabling and applicable S&T and its inclusive penetration and

provide periodic inputs.

3. Identify S&T needs for national missions and create road maps for Sustainable

Development Goals. 

 Research Areas:  

  • S&T Application, Assessment and Planning(STAAP)
  • Future Applicable S&T(FAST)
  • Socio-Economics of S&T(SEST)
  • Group Dynamics and Social Engineering(GDSE)
  • Frontier Innovation and Research in S&T(FIRST)
  • Climate Change, Adaption, Mitigation, Sustainability(CAMS)

The Institute has core competence in:

·   Science and Technology policy Research

·   Dedicated to the concern and problems of developing countries

 Among the diverse fields the Institute is involved in, some are:

·         Water

·         Rural areas

·         S& T mapping

·         High Technology

·         Entrepreneurship

·         Public Science and Technology

 Our Strengths:

·         Interdisciplinary research teams

·         Multi-discipline in faculty

·         Long research experience

·         Field research: designing/collecting primary data

·         Students, visitors network partners Indian as well as international

·         Access to CSIR resources, technologies, knowledge and people

·         World class IT Facility

·         World-class computerized library: access to several thousands of research journals and database

 We have proven our capabilities in:

·         Water-resources, economics, management and life science.

·         Entrepreneurship and Micro- entrepreneurship development

·         Innovation-Strategy and management

·         Intellectual property issues

·         Knowledge management; R&D management

·         Law, technology and economics

·         Science policy

·         Resource mapping/geography