Vitarka: Policy Debate

An active and inclusive public debate can make significant contribution to policy formulation and policy advocacy. CSIR National Institute for Science, Technology and Development Studies (NISTADS) is launching a public discussion forum Vitarka. The primary goal of Vitarka is to engage the public in policy debate for techno-socio-economic transformation, especially through S&T intervention.

Vitarka is planned as an open environment platform for informed and participative discussion. Vitarka sessions will be organized at India International Centre (IIC). CSIR-NISTADS invites public and all stakeholders for their views, contribution and participation in this techno-socio-economic developments initiative. Vitarka will greatly benefit from your contribution and participation. Some of the topics planned for Vitarka are Clean Water, Carbon Taxes, Energy, GM Crops, and Stem Cell Research, etc. Please keep visiting NISTADS website for updates on topics and programmes.

Participation in Vitarka is by invitation based on direct invitation or selection from requests received through web registration.

For more details visits our website.

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